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Settlement secured after initial repudiation by Road Accident Fund


Mr. B who was employed as a driver, was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which he had sustained a dislocation of and fracture to the pelvis.  Mr. b. had instructed Campbell Attorneys to seek compensation for him from the Road Accident Fund.

We had wasted no time in submitting his claim to the Road Accident Fund.  Shortly after completing their investigation they repudiated the claim on a technical basis.  Campbell Attorneys felt the Road Accident Fund’s stance was not sustainable and proceeded to issue summons against them.  The Road Accident Fund then abandoned its original ground for repudiation and now took the stance that the collision was completely the clients fault.  Days before the matter was set down for trial to decide the Road Accident Fund’s liability, the Road Accident Fund conceded it was liable but still failed to make an offer repayment.  

The matter was then set down for trial to determine the issue of quantum and again days before the trial the claim was eventually settled by the Road Accident Fund.

After deducting of the amount already paid by WCC for an amount of R700 000.00
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